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    Pear Shape 5A Grade Quality Cubic Zirconia Brilliant White European Machine Cut

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    Pear Shape 5A Grade Quality Cubic Zirconia Brilliant White European Machine Cut

    Quick Details
    Gemstone Color: 21# White
    Gemstone Shape: Pear brilliant cut
    Gemstone Size: 2x3 MM TO 8x10 MM
    Optical Special Effects: Color Play or Fire
    Application: Jewelry Making
    Cut: High Technology Machine Cut
    Advantage: High Temperature Resistance
    Hardness: 8.0-8.5 Moh's Scale

    What is Cubic Zirconia? 

    Cubic zirconia is a colorless, synthetic gemstone made of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Cubic zirconia can appear in nature within the mineral baddeleyite, although it’s extremely rare. In all cubic zirconia jewelry, the gemstones are exclusively lab-created.

    Cubic zirconia

    Synthetic cubic zirconia is known as "Russia Gemstone". It is the best diamond substitutions in decorations.
    *Hardness: 8-8.5
    *Density: 5.5
    *Refractive index : 2.15-2.18
    *High temperature resistance: 1800℃
    *Acid and alkali resistance: Strong

    Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond
    Cubic zirconia                                           Diamond
    Specific gravity: 5.6-6.0                             Specific gravity: 3.2-3.52
    Refractive index: 2.15-2.18                       Refractive index: 2.42
    Dispersion: 0.058-0.066                            Dispersion: 0.044
    Moh's hardness: 8-8.5                               Moh's hardness: 10
    Pear Shape 5A Grade Quality Cubic Zirconia Brilliant White European Machine Cut

    REVIEWS ★★★★★

    The owner was an absolute pleasure to do business, both patient and kind. I'm enthralled by the beauty and grade. By far the BEST customer service I've yet to experience with an overseas gem dealer. Do visit his Instagram handle and I'll definitely be buying more!

    These beads are so pretty. The cut and hole size is perfect and consistent. Tiny tiny but still hold a good amount of colour. Thank you.

    SUPERB, EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING!!!! The gemstones are AMAZING and the seller is most communicative and caring. I have added this shop to my most favorite shops. Thank you for such a pleasant and positive experience!

    It was a very beautiful and pretty natural stone. I love it! The shipping and messages are fast and reliable. Thank you very much.

    These are just gorgeous... breathtaking. The communication and speed of shipping were also excellent! Looking forward to purchasing from you again in the future. :)

    Very beautiful rose quartz! The flower carving looks so pretty! High quality and great! Thank you for your attention to detail and fast delivery! I will definitely purchase from you again! Thank you so much!



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